Pipe Shelving

Pipe Shelving

Posted by Emily Bates on Jan 22nd 2017

I'm finally getting around to sharing one of the easiest ways you can add a little character to your walls and have fun decorating them! Pipe Shelving! Using just a few tools and plumbing supplies from Home Depot, you can easily have these up in no time!

I'm going to share the supplies you'll need for the shelving pictured here,  but you could easily modify it to add more or less shelves and to accommodate a bigger or smaller space.


For the frame:

1/2" Flanges (x8)

1/2" Elbows (x4)

1/2" Tee (x4)

1/2" x 18" Nipple (x4)

1/2" x 12" Nipple (x8)

1/2" x 5" Nipple (x2)

For the shelves:

2in. x 12in. x 8ft pine boards (3 - cut to desired length. Pictured here is 5.5ft)

Minwax Stain (I used Jacobean)

Stain rag


Sander (optional)

Drywall anchors





Since we did these shelves a while ago, I don't have too many specific images for the step by step process, but I'll do my best to explain how to install. This project does require two people; one to hold the frame and other to mark where it will be attached on the wall.

First, begin by deciding how wide you want the shelving to be. Once you determine the size, cut your boards 8" longer so that they hang over a reasonable distance once sitting on the frame. For example, my shelves at 46" apart, and my boards were cut to 56" long.

Now, assemble the whole side of each frame: attach the flanges to each of the 12" nipples. Add the elbows as tees as shown here. 

Now, with one of you holding one side of the frame, the other person uses the level to ensure its straight, and positioned accurately on one side of the wall. Using a pencil, mark the holes in all 4 of the flanges for pre-drilling. Remove the frame and drill the holes to insert the drywall anchors. Holding the frame back up, insert the screws to attach the flanges and whole frame to the wall. Ok, so now you have half of it up! Here comes the tricky part! 

Take one of your precut boards for the shelves, and the second half of the frame. This will require a little muscle strength, and patience, but if your partner is quick, it will be painless! With one of you holding up the second frame, the other person can insert the wooden shelf onto the frame all the way across. While you're holding the frame, (it will be heavy), the other person uses the level to make sure the shelf is straight across, and the frame is straight up and down. Hold the frame steady while they remove the wood. Now, just as before, mark all of the holes in all 4 of the flanges. Remove the frame and do exactly the same, drilling the holes, inserting the drywall anchors and attaching the other half.

If you want to, you can sand your boards prior to staining them. I slightly sanded mine to remove the roughness. Stain them with your choice of color. I like Jacobean personally. Allow them to dry overnight before placing them up against your walls. Once dry, add them all into the frame and you're ready to start decorating! 

Today I decided to restyle mine and I'm loving how they turned out! Don't be afraid to shop your own home, especially if you're on a budget! You'll be surprised at the possibilities for this open shelving concept!

What do you guys think? Once we built this one in our kitchen, I went on to build several more in my home! You'll be addicted once you start this inexpensive, industrial touch! If you have any questions or need help in starting your project, don't hesitate to contact me! Pin this for later too, incase you decide not to begin a midnight project, unlike me!! haha. 

Thank you for stopping by!