Stove Cover Noodle Board

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Our handmade noodle board trays are perfect for over your GLASS STOP stove! Both functional and decorative, your stove top cover will come with two handles and an undermounted piece to raise it up over the glass top. The wood noodle board has outside dimensions of 30"L x 22"W. Underneath there are two optional additional 'leg' pieces cut to measurement for your stove. (see listing images). The measurement is from the inner lip top to bottom on your stove and is typically about 20.25". This is intended to raise the board up off the stovetop. This should accommodate most makes and models of ranges.

Select the color stain option you'd like for your board. In addition, your board will be finished with a clear, protective top coat. Excessive moisture may damage the finish. Simply wipe away water with a soft, clean rag to help your wooden stove top tray last even longer! Please allow the stove to cool completely before you place the wooden stove tray on top.