You may have heard of ‘brand enthusiasts’ or ‘brand reps’ in the land of social media, but 'what exactly does that mean?' you might ask. By having brand enthusiasts and reps, it's a great way for small online shops to engage with their communities to share ideas relating to products that their communities are interested in. Brand enthusiasts and reps are people who would buy the goods anyway but by sharing their pictures and inspiration with others they’re able to receive some exclusive discounts and products.

The key objective of having a brand enthusiast or brand rep is to bring more customers to our site to help us grow our sales. They have unique discount codes that they can share with their friends and followers so that everyone wins!



To apply to become a brand enthusiast, you must have a PUBLIC HOME DECOR ORIENTED account of at least 5k followers. Post at least 1 photo on your feed each week, and post a 45 second feature in instagram stories at least once per week. Posts and stories must meet the following criteria

  • Unboxing of the product when received

  • Tag @qbhome in the text and photo

  • High quality images

  • Creative

  • Natural lighting

  • Clear photos that align with Queen B Home's style

  • Use the hash tag #qbhome 

  • Call to action using your unique discount code for your followers

  • Like and comment on our posts 



After a successful 3 month period some brand enthusiasts may be offered the status of brand rep. Brand reps enjoy deeper discounts than that of the brand enthusiasts and also occasional freebies.


How to apply:

1. Click here to complete the application

2. Follow @qbhome on Instagram


**Don’t forget your profile needs to be public. 



  • All content produced is the independent views of the author/originator but remain the property of Queen B Home during and after the engagement is concluded.
  • We are very committed to having high quality content and reserve the right to not publish any content that we feel doesn’t adequately represent our brand.
  • From time to time we refine this program and as such all discounts and promotions are subject to change or revocation at any time.
  • The terms brand enthusiast and brand rep are not intended to infer employment, partnership or any legal status.
  • All engagements are for a rolling period of 3 months and can be ended by either party or extended by agreement of both parties.
  • Brand reps must be residents of USA at this time.