Very First VLOG Post!

Posted by Emily Bates on Mar 4th 2017

Well folks, here it is! The long awaited vlog post. I was a little hesitant and truthfully, still am, about posting this VLOG! We decided to start a channel a few months ago, and didn't pursue it after our first Q&A session, due to time constraints and not knowing what direction to take it in... 

My husband was a film major so this is totally his jam! He's so passionate about film, and anything film gadget related, so I am excited for him to channel his inner Spielberg. Granted, I'm certainly no Julia Roberts on camera, and am 100% sans makeup in pretty much this whole first post, but you know what? It's real life, and we like to keep things raw over here! 

We hope you enjoy watching a snippet into our lives and follow along with us on this VLOG and Queen B Home journey!