Cheers! Engraved Leatherette Wine Bag

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Faux Leather
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Our high quality, laser engraved Leatherette Wine Bag makes for a great addition to your own drinkware needs, or as a gift choice for any occasion, party, or event! Leatherette engravable faux leather looks and feels like the real thing, and is layered with contrasting colors that produce amazing results!

Each wine bag is made with Leatherette engravable leather that, when engraved, results in a complimentary color of the engraved image, permanently etched into the material! No fading, no flaking, no worries!

Care Instructions:

Engraved images are permanent, and will not wear off under normal use. Handwash only using water and a mild dish detergent. Water will not leave water spots, and Leatherette will not absorb skin oils.